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In the world of online shopping, convenience is king. Phati brings a seamless experience to your fingertips, redefining how you shop - Daniel Makombe

Phati is a dynamic online marketplace that not only connects buyers with sellers but also offers a holistic shopping experience. With a strong focus on security, Phati enables users to explore a diverse range of products, compare prices and availability, negotiate online if feasible, and ultimately meet in person for transactions. This innovative approach ensures transparency, trust, and safety in every interaction, setting Phati apart as a secure and seamless platform for both buyers and sellers.

Phati is your online marketplace for finding products. However, Phati doesn't support online payments. You'll complete your purchase in person at the seller's store, ensuring a secure transaction

Absolutely, Phati's integrated Google Maps feature helps you easily find and navigate to the seller's store for a hassle-free experience. The seller's full address is also provided on the app

Meeting at a physical store adds an extra layer of safety. You can inspect the product before payment, reducing online fraud risks. Your peace of mind matters

Phati originally catered to healthcare products but has expanded to include a broad spectrum, ranging from Phones, Electronics, and Fashion to Property, Vehicles, Services, Agriculture, Pets, and more. This evolution enriches your shopping experience while retaining its healthcare roots


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